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If you wait to find a flat when you are already in Madrid you will find it is very expensive!

“I don´t have time to look for a flat”, “I don´t trust the ads on internet”, “It is best that I wait until I get to Madrid since I don´t know it”, “I don´t have anyone who can help me … Seguir leyendo

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How much money do I need each month to live in Madrid?

Are you coming to Madrid to study and you don´t know what your budget is? We provide you with a simple way to calculate your budget. The first thing you must do is to know exactly what you want and … Seguir leyendo

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¡Flat hunting operation begins!

And countdown begins…. In only a little more than a week, Madrid will recover its usual everyday hustle and bustle. Little by little the madrileños are flocking back to their jobs after a much needed holiday, many students are coming … Seguir leyendo

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