I am moving to Madrid… Rent + Expenses + Leisure = ?

As promised in my last post, today we see if “surviving in Madrid” is feasible.
calculadora Is your calculator at hand? Today we will see how much a student needs to live in Madrid. True, a lot of it depends on the kind of place you choose, the area, and the allowance for day to day expenses you have for food and leisure. But, based on different statistics, we can pretty much confirm that the average monthly cost for a student sharing a flat in Madrid can come to between 800 and 900 euros per month, and around 1.200 euros for those who choose to live on their own.

Based on what?
We base our calculations on the following average expenses:
1. Lodgings. Shared flat: 300 euros / month. Individual flat: 700 euros / month
2. Amenities (light, water, internet):
Shared flat: 80 euros / month. Individual flat: 150 euros / month
3. Transport ticket: 60 euros / month
4. Daily shopping: 50 euros per week (200 euros per month)
5. Leisure: 120 euros per month
6. Other (books, unexpected expenses…): 100 euros per month.

We have, of course, not included expenses for clothing, bed linen, private health insurance…. since these expenses vary from one student to another.
So that you can compare our estimates and have access to more information, I hereby give you a couple of links from two Madrid universities. You will see how they pretty much reflect what I have just said.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Universidad de Nebrija

And don’t forget, we are here to help you and give you advice in your search for lodgings in Madrid – be it for a whole university year or for a short period of time (seminaries, summer courses…). Get in touch with us, let us know your requirements and the funds dedicated to spend during your stay in the city and we will get together a budget geared to your exact requirements.
Depending on the information you give us, we will get back to you on the available options, the funds you will need and the type of lodgings which best suit you. And always taking into account the amount of time you will be spending in the city. We at First Steps in Madrid, wish that your lodgings meet your budget, and or course, are to your liking!

In my next post I will give you tips on FREE activities in Madrid… It may be hard to believe but some things are still free…. Be on the lookout for our next post!

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